Mindset Makeover

Mindset Makeover Food Exercise Rules

I gave myself a mindset makeover and want to share how I did it, with the hope it can help you. For years I have on and off struggled with rules around food and exercise. Often to the point of obsession. This stuff often comes up for me around the holidays as we are attending […]

Breaking Up With Diet Culture

Breaking Up With Diet Culture

I have a couple of confessions to make. First, I’m listening to Taylor Swift while writing this. Second, recently I almost had a relapse with my most toxic relationship – diet culture. More specifically, trying to restrict my eating to lose weight. Breaking up with Diet Culture has not been linear. Here’s how it happened. […]

The One Thing That Was Holding Back My Health

The one thing that was holding back my health

I was in denial about the one thing that was holding my health back for a long time. For me it was alcohol, for you, it may be something different. I hope sharing my process of shifting my relationship and ultimately cutting it out is helpful. My intention is to help you build awareness around […]

Your Health is Not Seasonal

Health Seasons Wellbeing

Health is not seasonal. Investing in your health shouldn’t be something left to that “last-minute rush to get fit before a holiday” or “lose those holiday pounds”. I have been part of a few conversations recently about rushing to get fit for a summer holiday and have also seen a lot of “ beach body” […]

Why I Started Your Health Narrative

The internet is full of quick fixes, magic detox, “game changers” and claims of providing the one true way to health. I don’t know about you but being constantly exposed to the next big thing or the ultimate solution to your health, has previously left me feeling overwhelmed, confused and anxious. There is so much […]