The Deep Dive

Life can get overwhelming. Work, children, family commitments and stress can push us to a point where we lose the connection with ourselves. We put our families and jobs first, leaving no energy left to look after ourselves. 

The Deep Dive program is here to help you realign with yourself. Starting from a shame free space, I meet you where you are at now. We take all your unique life stressors and commitments into account and build from there.  

break up with diet culture

Are you, like me, sick of diet culture and the toxic cycle created by it? If you want to break up with dieting for good, then The Deep Dive is for you.

When the diet became unsustainable, that’s when the springboard in the opposite direction started and I often ended up worse off than where I started, feeling like a failure. Sound familiar? 

End the cycle of restriction

I created the deep dive after years of cycling through restrictive dieting programs that, yes I lost weight on but at the cost of my sanity and happiness.

Learn how to break out of the cycle and understand your health on a deeper level.

Build strong Foundations

Change is built on strong foundations. We work together to create habits that work within the structure of your life, to support you on your journey to health.  No more extreme changes that are unsustainable! 

Personalised Program

In the deep dive, rather than implementing a one size fits all diet, we look at what works for you, where you are at and build from there. 

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What You Get In
The Deep Dive

The Program

We meet for two 50 min health coaching sessions a month for a minimum of 2 months. These sessions are curated to your personal health needs. 

Beginning with an initial free intro chat, we meet and I get to know your unique needs and goals. 


Session 1 – Goal Setting and Mindset 

  • Establishing clear and specific goals for your health and wellbeing
  • Identifying your potential barriers to achieving those goals 
  • Tools for shifting your mindset for long term habit changes

Session 2- Nutrition and Meal Planning

  • Understanding the basics of health eating and positive food choices
  • Meal planning and simplifying making changes without extreme diets

Session 3- Exercise and Physical Activity

  • The importance of physical fitness and incorporating movement into your daily routine 
  • Breaking down the barriers getting in the way of your consistency 



Session 4 – Sleep and Stress Management 

  • Sleep and how to improve the quality and quantity you are getting 
  • Tools for managing stress through mindfulness and burnout prevention 

Accountability and Support

Over the course of the sessions I provide resources to support your specific needs and health goals


 I keep you accountable to your goals through check-in’s between sessions

 Text and email Support

 Support for those moments when you are struggling 


Recipes that fit your life requirements, tastes and help you achieve your health goals 

Mindset Tools

I equip you with mindset tools based in mindfulness and stress reduction. 

What's the Investment?

€130 + IVA per month

This includes two 50-minute one-on-one coaching sessions per month for a minimum of 2 months. I am available and provide support and accountability between sessions in order to help you to achieve your health goals. 

Payment can be made monthly and packages with discount available upon inquiry. 

Student prices available upon request.


No, Absolutely not! This is NOT a diet.

We work together to understand your personal needs when it comes to food and your overall health. From there I provide the support and accountability best suited to you to make adjustments, to help you live your healthiest life. 

I recommend a minimum of 2 months in order to support you through implementing the work we do together, amongst the stress of day-to-day life. 

A lot can happen over several months. I am there to support you in maintaining your health through those hard moments. 

If cost is a concern, payment plans are available upon request.