Why I Started Your Health Narrative

The internet is full of quick fixes, magic detox, “game changers” and claims of providing the one true way to health. I don’t know about you but being constantly exposed to the next big thing or the ultimate solution to your health, has previously left me feeling overwhelmed, confused and anxious. There is so much information out there and it’s hard to wade through all the noise and discern what is right for me or you. 

I am not going to sell a “solution to all your problems diet”  because that wouldn’t be authentic, and frankly the perfect diet doesn’t exist. I am not going to post pictures of my “weight loss’ so you can ask me how I did it. My body and my journey is unique to me. I will share my experience of what I have tried and how different things affected me, which may be different for you. My ultimate goal is to help you get to a happy, healthy place that suits you, where you are at in your life. Your Health Narrative is here to provide a safe space that helps women reflect on what their health means for them and how to take charge on their own terms. 

The Journal will feature highlights on different aspects of health, like food, recipes, mindfulness and different challenges that I have faced. This is not to say what I think is best but rather to inspire your own self inquiry into your own narrative. 

I am here to cut the BS out of diet culture and hold space for you to get to the root of your health minus the noise or agenda. If anything my agenda is to help you feel your best in your overall health.

I’m so excited to have you here with me to take a deep dive into your health.